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1st Quarter

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Final Exam Review Quizzes

Final Invasive Species Project

Go to this website:


Title Slide with your name and name of invasive species

Slide 1: Define Invasive species
Slide 2: Choose one invasive species in Maryland and write its common name AND the genus/species
Slide 3: Where did it come from? How did it get here? Who were its natural predators in its native country?
Slide 4: What 2 things are being done to stop your invasive species especially in Maryland
Slide 5: Why are invasive species so bad for ecosystems?

Venue Writing Prompts



3rd Quarter


Today you will learn about the different ways that water can be purified or cleaned.

There are several ways to purify water, each one of you will present information about one way to the class one day next week.  Your topic is based on the first letter of your Last Name. 

If your last name begins with…                              Your topic of research is..

A-K                                                                              Activated Charcoal
L-N                                                                              UV light
P-S                                                                              Reverse Osmosis
T-Z                                                                              Chlorine

You need to answer the following questions in detail. Your presentation should be developed using Power Point. The project is worth 40 points and is a summative grade.

1) Define and describe your method of water purification? 5 pts.
2) What are the advantages of your method of water purification? 5 pts.
3) What are the disadvantages of your method of water purification? 5 pts.
4) What are the financial costs (in dollars) associated with your method of water purification? 5 pts.
5) What countries or areas currently use your method of water purification? 5 pts.
6) Include at least one video, no more than 5 minutes long. 5 pts.
7) Include at least 3 pictures. 2 pts. each picture.
8) Make sure you include a title slide that shows the name of your topic, your name, your science class name, and the date. 2 pts.
9) Include at least 2 references. 2 pts.

To receive any credit, your Power Point needs to be in my Handin folder for your period no later than the end of class.

Communication Assignment

Final Project

4th Quarter